Online 40-Hour Registered Behavior Technician Training Program – only $179

The Registered Behavior Technician™ (RBT) is a paraprofessional who practices under the supervision of a BCBA or BCaBA. The RBT's primary responsibility is the direct implementation of treatment plans developed by the supervisor for individuals diagnosed with Autism.

A great opportunity for teaching assistants or people who work with kids with Autism but do not have college degrees. Or, for family members needing state-of-the-art strategies for helping loved ones diagnosed with Autism.

RBT applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have demonstrated completion of high school or equivalent/higher education. Get more info ...

Workshop: Evidence-Based Intervention and the use of Punishment by Dr. Brian Iwata

Dr. Brian Iwata, foremost researcher and practitioner in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, speaks to the state of the field in research and practice. The “right to effective treatment” is a part of U.S. Civil Rights code, from the early 19th century speaks to an individual’s right to treatment that is effective and efficient. In the context of today’s politically charged environment, the question arises as to whether it is ever appropriate to use stimuli for behavior change that are considered aversive.

Dr. Iwata is uniquely qualified to speak to the topic based on years of research and treatment of individuals with the most severe behaviors. Read More ...

Upcoming Workshops for 2016

May 2016

November Workshop
Private Practice Model: States Are Approved for Insurance Reimbursement for ASD
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June 2016

How to Prevent Problem Behavior
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August 2016

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November Workshop

Ethics for Behavior Analysts
9:30am to 12:30pm
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