The Verbal Behavior Institute can find experienced and skilled behavior analysts to work with your child, your school district or your professional practice. But the core of our work involves sharing the practice of Applied Behavior Analysis-Verbal Behavior through workshops for families, educators and other professionals.

Many of our workshops are free.

Every course is led by experienced and knowledgeable practitioners of ABA-VB working full time as consultants to school districts.

They will engage you and coach you on how to work with a student on pairing with reinforcement, manding, tacting, etc. as outlined in the ABLLS-R, or Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills tool.

We offer a slew of courses that cover the entire autism spectrum, apply to children across a range of age groups, and are aimed at a variety of professional and family audiences. Workshops are offered regularly in New Jersey and New York. For folks who can’t attend in person, we offer some training through downloads and video.

Here’s a look at just some of our workshops.

  • What is Autism and How Does it Impact Instruction?
  • Autism, what is it, where is it coming from and what can we do about it?
  • Verbal Behavior For Speech Pathologists – Enhancing Outcomes with ABA
  • Training and Motivating Para Professionals
  • Working with Children with ASD and difficult Behaviors in a Public School Setting – Graduate Psychology Program
  • ABA-VB “Boot Camp” Two-day intensive, practical, hands-on workshop for introduction on how to change your thinking to determine functional interventions that work.
  • Successful Transitioning from School to Work: The Specific Behavioral Strategies to Ensure Success Preparing Adolescents with Autism and Related Disabilities for Employment. This workshop will discuss the behaviors that are necessary for “tranistioners” to become gainfully employed including clinical applications of how to effectively reduce stereotypical behaviors.
  • Teaching in the NET (formerly “jump school” ) a hands-on, small-group class.
  • Behavior Management for Teachers and Instructional Staff. Key on Functional Assessment training, TECHNICAL orientation for majority of training. (Child Study Teams, Psychologists, Special Educators and CSW’s)
  • ASPER-Teen™ Workshop – workshop facilitated by teenager with Asperger’s for other teens.
  • Asperger’s Syndrome and HFA – Approaches to Intervention. Review basics of the diagnosis and impact on instruction and management of older learners managing difficult emotional states.
  • ABLLS-R review of use of program in school for ABA-VB
  • Communication Techniques that Reduce Problem Behavior
  • “What is Autism, and Why Ought We Care?” – a presentation on the most recent research on the origins of the spectrum disorder, how it impacts families and schools and current best practices. Review of standards of care and practice between states (NY and NJ) will touch on Early Intervention and Special Education Pre-K programs.
  • Autism – What it is and what we can do about it. Basic Training and introduction to ABA-VB. (Especially for Parents)
  • Dealing with problem behaviors in the home.(Especially for Parents)
  • Bring Us Your Problems and Learn to Figure them Out…Functional analysis for parents (Especially for Parents)
  • Toilet Training in a day (Especially for Parents)
  • ABA for older learners with behavior problems and ASD