Social Skills Training

The need for social skills training is extraordinary. Yet, the research on “what works” is sparse. Over the past five years, Verbal Behavior Institute (VBI), working with our sister New York agency Developmental Delay Rehabilitation Services, Inc.   developed a specialized training that can be taught to teachers, paras, clinicians and parents – in less than a day.  Making use of Dr. Brian Iwata’s work in the field of Functional Analysis, we created an evidence-based tool, to target specific skills, identify function and then “teach” generalization across settings, people and events. This session reviews the recent legal decisions around the issue. Using current district examples, we review proactive strategies to address this need in a fiscally responsible manner.

How to Create a Receiving District

How to create a Receiving District for special needs children.Creating a Receiving District is a free video course designed for school districts interested in creating a new revenue stream by providing services for special needs children. The course focuses on the components that are necessary in developing programs for children with Autism and other developmental disabilities in such a way that supports the child individually and talks about individual programming for all the children and behavioral supports within the school district as well as incorporating generalization of skills and parent involvement and parent training and other curriculum support and technology to support the learning of children with developmental disabilities.